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Online Paid Surveys Help Guide

At offernation, we provide a variety of ways to access a variety of Paid Surveys.

Daily Paid Surveys

Using our Daily Paid Surveys, you can visit each day to access a number of surveys from different advertisers as shown in our example below. The reward available for each survey is shown on in the box to the right hand side.  To access the survey, click on the title.

You may be asked a few qualifying questions to ensure you meet the requirements or to be matched to a suitable survey.  Once accepted, please ensure that all questions are answered truthfully and with accurate information.  The more surveys you complete correctly, the more likely you are to be offered more surveys in the future.

Once the survey is complete, you should ensure that you leave the completed page open for a few minutes to assist with the crediting.  Once the advertisers track and confirm a successful completion, they will send a credit to your account with Offernation.com

Some surveys in this section are unlimited, or can be completed several times on a daily basis, so watch out for those to really help boost your online earnings.

Live Paid Surveys

Our live paid surveys section refreshes throughout the day with new surveys.  Complete your profile on your first visit to this section and surveys shown will match automatically based on the information you have provided.

Surveys in this section tend to offer higher payments which can go as high as $15 per successfully completed survey. Please note that crediting can take up to two weeks for some of these surveys, however many do credit within minutes.

The reward is shown next to each survey. To access the survey, just click on the title.

Tap Surveys (Our Newest Addition)

Our recently added Tap Survey section provides a large number of paid surveys provided directly from Tap.  You will find fresh surveys daily and there is no limit to the number of available surveys you can complete.

The value of surveys in this section can vary from around $0.20 - $6.00 per survey.  Longer surveys tend to pay more.  Complete your profile on your first visit and then you will be shown a list of available surveys.

Wannads Paid Surveys

We offer a selection of paid surveys provided by our offerwall partner Wannads.  They have a selection of surveys available to members worldwide, many of which can be completed daily.

The reward for these surveys is shown on the bottom right hand side, either click on the value or title of the survey to access.

High Paying Surveys on Offerwalls

We also provide a number of dedicated offerwalls where you can register for additional high paying surveys, trials and more. We work with a selection of the most popular offerwalls available such as Adgate, Persona.ly, peanutlabs, trialpay and more.

Member Chat
3/28/17 1:24 AM
Offernation: baller15able has just earned $6.24 in CASH.
3/28/17 1:26 AM
US - 3/28/17 1:33 AM
US - 3/28/17 1:34 AM
danroach: YS INTL SURVEYS .70
US - 3/28/17 1:34 AM
3/28/17 1:36 AM
Offernation: danroach has just earned $1.40 in CASH.
US - 3/28/17 1:49 AM
brndnv: 4.20 hHh
3/28/17 2:19 AM
Offernation: fwaycorp - Speak Up ID for 21 points.
ID - 3/28/17 2:21 AM
3/28/17 2:23 AM
Offernation: BryanVerde - Say So For Good for 122.2 points.
3/28/17 2:31 AM
3/28/17 2:59 AM
3/28/17 3:10 AM
Offernation: BryanVerde has just earned $1.22 in CASH.
3/28/17 3:22 AM
3/28/17 4:49 AM
3/28/17 4:51 AM
3/28/17 5:05 AM
Offernation: white_android has just earned $2.42 in CASH.
3/28/17 5:16 AM
Offernation: Jona21 - Tap Research for 74 points.
3/28/17 5:20 AM
3/28/17 5:23 AM
3/28/17 5:32 AM
3/28/17 5:34 AM
3/28/17 5:43 AM
Offernation: luchayes - GiveUsYour2Cents - GBR for $0.66.
3/28/17 5:55 AM
3/28/17 6:01 AM
Offernation: Jona21 - Say So For Good for 170.95 points.
3/28/17 6:05 AM
3/28/17 6:09 AM
Offernation: taotran - RevenueWall Survey P2 for $0.26.
3/28/17 6:16 AM
Offernation: karlsantos19 - Consumer behaviour study for $0.50.
3/28/17 6:16 AM
Offernation: 911lowes - Grocery Study for $0.60.
3/28/17 6:16 AM
Offernation: wwestarz1 - Grocery Study for $0.60.
3/28/17 6:19 AM
3/28/17 6:20 AM
3/28/17 6:23 AM
Offernation: Jona21 - Say So For Good for 604.5 points.
3/28/17 6:36 AM
Offernation: ElderDragon - Speak Up Router - Blue for $0.50.
3/28/17 6:36 AM
Offernation: ElderDragon has just earned $3.50 in CASH.
3/28/17 6:41 AM
Offernation: brndnv has just earned $3.13 in CASH.
3/28/17 6:46 AM
3/28/17 6:55 AM
3/28/17 7:02 AM
Offernation: mhdj1980 - Tap Research for 17 points.
3/28/17 7:11 AM
Offernation: Mairorah has just earned $1.70 in CASH.
3/28/17 7:13 AM
3/28/17 7:13 AM
3/28/17 7:18 AM
3/28/17 7:37 AM
Offernation: Dizzy1976 - Other study (5 minutes) for 90 points.
3/28/17 7:37 AM
Offernation: Sharondq49 has just earned $2.70 in CASH.
3/28/17 7:49 AM
Offernation: Dizzy1976 - Tap Research for 13 points.
3/28/17 7:50 AM
3/28/17 7:59 AM
Offernation: Vsiswoyo - Jenius for 27 points.
3/28/17 8:00 AM
Offernation: Foxxytazz - Speak Up Router - Green for $0.60.
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