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Member Chat
US - 7/20/17 9:10 PM
dweis93: i snagged a 5.2 on rev wall. they credited me.52
US - 7/20/17 9:11 PM
GB - 7/20/17 9:11 PM
macccydx: hahaha
US - 7/20/17 9:11 PM
dweis93: i thought i hit gold. i was so happy when i finished it
GB - 7/20/17 9:12 PM
macccydx: sorry I dont mean to laugh :D
US - 7/20/17 9:13 PM
dweis93: nah, it's pretty funny
US - 7/20/17 9:13 PM
dweis93: idk, maybe my mind was playing tricks on me
US - 7/20/17 9:13 PM
dweis93: and i thought .52 said 5.2
GB - 7/20/17 9:14 PM
macccydx: Better than my 5.2 and 32% through dq and now im blocked lmao
US - 7/20/17 9:15 PM
dweis93: yeah. im sure they'll sort that out. theyve been having all sorts of problems lately with their site.
US - 7/20/17 9:16 PM
rsimeone: i get annoyed how your looking at the surveys and then a question pops up
GB - 7/20/17 9:16 PM
macccydx: yeah I will email them tomorrow...I have been blocked before on yoursurveys and they unblocked me straight away...not sure what I done on revenuewall though :)
US - 7/20/17 9:16 PM
rsimeone: then u cant see the surveys, then u answer it and try again and then ithappens again
GB - 7/20/17 9:17 PM
macccydx: @rsimeone - not happened to me lol
US - 7/20/17 9:18 PM
rsimeone: oh thats weird
US - 7/20/17 9:18 PM
dweis93: @rsimeone, it's verryy annoying. I think they're trolling us.
GB - 7/20/17 9:18 PM
macccydx: we all getting weird stuff happen to us :D
US - 7/20/17 9:19 PM
GB - 7/20/17 9:21 PM
macccydx: just plod along...if they dont want to earn money off us then be it :)
GB - 7/20/17 9:23 PM
macccydx: Im not gonna get mad they blocked me for no reason :)
GB - 7/20/17 9:25 PM
macccydx: hopefully I have some beers tomorrow :D
7/20/17 9:25 PM
Offernation: dweis93 - RevenueWall Survey P2 for $0.49.
7/20/17 9:26 PM
Offernation: dweis93 has just earned $10.09 in CASH.
GB - 7/20/17 9:26 PM
macccydx: NO dweis93!!!! thats not a $4.90 offer lol
US - 7/20/17 9:27 PM
US - 7/20/17 9:27 PM
dweis93: It's my favorite offer. poprewards. Takes 5 minutes or less. Daily.
GB - 7/20/17 9:28 PM
macccydx: my favourite is the market research team called winkle
US - 7/20/17 9:32 PM
Zadits: Yay I did a 20 minute survey for nothing
US - 7/20/17 9:32 PM
Zadits: **** scum bags
GB - 7/20/17 9:32 PM
macccydx: I did 2 surveys today worth 100 points each that did not pay :)
7/20/17 9:33 PM
Offernation: delacruzkr - Offer #9681152 for 13 points.
7/20/17 9:33 PM
GB - 7/20/17 9:34 PM
macccydx: wannads and the cint router
US - 7/20/17 9:40 PM
Zadits: I should have $5 right now
GB - 7/20/17 9:41 PM
macccydx: dont worry about it...take it on the chin
GB - 7/20/17 9:41 PM
macccydx: im off to bed im sleepy :)
7/20/17 9:42 PM
Offernation: dalbertk2 has just earned $13.15 in CASH.
US - 7/20/17 9:43 PM
GB - 7/20/17 9:43 PM
macccydx: @rsimeone - goodnight :)
7/20/17 9:44 PM
7/20/17 9:47 PM
Offernation: xiumin - Tap Research for 128 points.
7/20/17 9:57 PM
Offernation: delacruzkr - Tap Research for 60 points.
7/20/17 9:57 PM
Offernation: missB has just earned $1.55 in CASH.
7/20/17 10:00 PM
7/20/17 10:09 PM
Offernation: April5 - Tap Research for 18 points.
7/20/17 10:14 PM
Offernation: rich4boy - EasySurveys - CA for $1.20.
7/20/17 10:17 PM
Offernation: delacruzkr has just earned $1.69 in CASH.
7/20/17 10:19 PM
7/20/17 10:24 PM
7/20/17 10:29 PM
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